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About Me

Dads wedding.jpg

Me and my dad at his wedding this year

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site.

I'm Rebecca, and I'm glad you took a minute to check out my little website! I make a lot of art and it's a little bit of everything, so this is my repository for all the things I make. You can find everything from the menu on the Gallery page, sorted (roughly) by medium. 

I currently live in Austin, Texas, with my husband Sam and our handsome little cat Astro. Originally we're from Columbia, Missouri, but we all like the sunshine better down here. 

I like; long meandering walks through the woods, devouring good books in a single sitting, anything and everything fantasy related, cluttered thrift shops, velvet, fun shoes, almost all fruits, and a truly disorienting array of musical genres. 

I dislike; writing About Me sections, small spaces, the cold, olives, and Christmas music in November. 

I think that's it for now. If you want to purchase the originals or prints of any of my work, please shoot me a message through the contact page! And make sure to check back soon as I upload new work frequently.

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